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Removing Aging Signs

There are different ways on how to defy age. One is by simply eating apples. This fruit is low in calories (about 80 calories each), rich in fiber including cellulose, hemicelluloses, pectin and lignin (the latter is in the peel). It has numerous health benefits especially for that past middle age. Quercetin found in apples is an important plant pigment flavonoids that serves as a building block for other members of the flavonoid family. Quercetin combats the “free redical” molecules that play a part in many diseases and aging. Including this fruit in your diet every day is a practical anti-aging diet activity.

Studies show that 2 large apples a day causes a 16% drop in cholesterol levels. That is a much less expensive way to reduce your cholesterol – and you do not risk negative side effects of drugs. It appears that it is the high amount of pectin as well as the flavonoids in apples that makes for cholesterol reduction. Although apples can function as a magic fruit for those that is aspiring a younger look, there is also an anti-aging cream that can help those that are in search of an anti-aging medium One example of these creams is the Pura Silk.